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Are you struggling to learn to trade the markets? Have you been around chat rooms or memberships that are confusing and led by people who seem to be clueless? Well, let's change that here and now - we can bring back a logical and simple approach to learning to that and we're going to show you how. If you're ready to dive in then click....but some of you need convincing so here is our pitch (keep scrolling!)

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Let's's time to surround yourself with the best.

Get Ready to Conquer The Stock Market.

Your Membership Includes

24/7 Chat Room + Community Access

Access to a members only blog that is updated weekly

Trading ideas on stocks, options and futures

Access to a weekly 20-page trading playbook with notes and set-ups

Gives you instant access


If you've been around any trading community you know how frustrating and confusing it can be to actually learn and to make money with them. The main reason for that is really simple: most of those trading communities are led by people who have no experience in trading the markets. The main 'strategy' every amateur day-trader has is simple: they find a new stock each day (Gap up or down) and try to short it/buy it for a a few pennies and do this over and over. They use indicators they really have no understanding of and they over-leverage and can't figure out why they lose money. What's worse is the memberships offer all of these webinars and indicators that never address the root problem; that day trading stocks is almost impossible.

Disclaimer: If you DO NOT have common sense, patience or capital to do this then simply DO NOT JOIN. This is not for people who do not want to work, interact or worse simply talk about trading. If you are ready to finally listen, pay attention and interact then this is something you need but be sure that you are ready to make a change because if you're not we're not holding your hand to do it.

So what are some of the things you can expect to learn in this membership?

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Besides the perks that you get with this as a member you're going to be around propietary traders and professionals that do this day in and day out.

How to find sector rotations to see where capital flows go

When, why and how we use futures trading for certain environments

Insights to really learn how options work, not just gambling with them

Insightful articles in the members blogs discussing capital management, risk, set-ups

In-depth conversations about the markets based on data, not opinions

Video updates where you can see mindset of trade ideas


If you're a struggling trader then there are ways to fix this but you have to be willing and open to that change. There are three things that we are going to help you focus on in this membership.

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If you don't understand how the markets at large work then you're destined to fail. You need to learn context to do this.

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We are not day-traders. We are patient. Learning to analyze the market and operating in a controlled manner is key.

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No indicators. Zero. When you learn to read a price chart using pure price action this changes the game.

The Landshark Premium Membership is $150/month and you can cancel at anytime you want if you feel it's now what you expected.



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