DeltaOne Membership

Our private community for investors with larger investment accounts. The membership includes weekly coaching calls, longer-term investment ideas and a private community with other serious investors.

A minimum $20,000 trading/investing account is required to join. If you do not MEET this do not sign up - use Landshark Premium.

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The DeltaOne Experience.

Your Membership Includes

Private DeltaOne Members Chat Room

Monday Morning Zoom Calls (60 Min. Briefs for the week ahead)

Tuesday Afternoon Coachinng calls (60-90 minute discussions)

Access to a weekly 20-page trading playbook with notes and set-ups

Access to longer-term & swing-trading ideas for larger accounts

Daily Market Notes with Insights and appicable charts

Gives you instant access

For Serious Investors.

People say it all the time 'this is for serious investors only' - but what does that really mean? In DeltaOne that means something and we start with the simple idea that if you're going to do this that you need a minimum of $20,000 to join this private community. This is not for beginners or those who want to trade a $1,000 account in hopes of riches. This is not for those who want to be spoon-fed ideas or those who lack critical thinking skills.

This is for those who strive for more...the entrepreneurs...the critical thinkers the ones who have the hunger to win. We want people who are can contribute to original thinking, share their experiences and add to the overall value of our small, but talented, DeltaOne community. Each week we drill down into real ideas across multiple asset classes to find where we can generate our alpha. Some months that means being long energy and energy stocks....other months that might mean shorting tech or scalping futures. We are asset-class agnostic in this membership and we can train you how to think and trade/invest like that as well.

Tuesday Coaching Calls.

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Learn something new each week with our 60-90 minute education sessions. The topics are always changing and we use current market environments to discuss RELEVANT situations....some past and sample topics:

Price-action strategies

Learning to use LEAPs

Discussions on value-investing plays

Learning to use futures & futures options

Understanding assymetric trading theories

Learning about volatility concepts and application

Special Situations investing/trading

Position sizing strategy and disucssions

Three Membership Tools That Make a Difference

There are three tools that are going to make the difference with DeltaOne. One of those is the private community which puts you around others who are generating serious alpha on a consistent basis. So when you're around people that perform and work at that level you're going to naturally begin to develop that mindset and work ethic.

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The Monday Morning Briefs are quick, to the point and get you ready for the week ahead.

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Each week we get after it with a coaching session to discuss current ideas or other themes.

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A community filled with others who are capitalized and after serious returns.

The DeltaOne Membership is $300/month and you can cancel at anytime.



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